Tuesday, October 23, 2018

2018 SE-WYO-CX Race #1 Re-cap

29 brave and adventurous souls came out and participated in the first race of the Southeast Wyoming Cyclocross Series on a sunny and surprisingly warm October day in the Gem City!
The coveted SE-WYO-CX cowbell, awarded to the city that turns out the most riders, is staying in Laramie for the week as 15 Laramigos turned out to defend their home turf.  Cheyenne, as always, turned out in force and sent over 10 riders and Ft Collins sent up 2.  In addition, we must acknowledge the rider from Greeley and the rider from Wheatland which rounded out the field.

Racing was fast and furious from the start with a handful or riders setting a brisk pace and breaking off from the rest of the field.  Two riders, Felix Nashold and Tylor Kjorstead, demonstrated their CX pedigree and quickly found themselves in a 1-2 race for the top position, lapping almost the entire race field before hitting their final lap.  Unfortunately, lady luck turned a blind eye on Tylor and he found himself with a DNF after a front tire blowout,

Local race promoter, MTB fashion guru and all-around good-guy Evan O'toole found himself with Justin Piccorelli battling for the third place, then second place after Tylors misfortune, thru most of the race. Spradly Barr Cheyenne cyclist Jim Fahling and Laramie rider Jake Marlow were locked up in a battle for 4th and 5th.  Cheyenne riders Mike Walker, Dan Kapeller, Tim O'Hara as well as Laramie Riders Doug Scrambler, Peter Thorsness, Amanda Harper, Christine Porter and Bill Gorman battled to round out the top 10.

First place - Felix Nashold,
Second place - Evan O'Toole
Third place - Justin Piccorelli
Fourth place - Jim Fahling
Fifth Place - Jake Marlow

First Women finisher - Amanda Harper
Second Women finisher - Christine Porter

* - sorry for the delay in the re-cap ... I contracted a 24hr. case of the plague yesterday!

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