Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Free CX Races!!! How can you not come out and play?!?

Free Races?
That's right!
All four races in the 2017 SE WYO CX race series will be free!

All you need to do is show up with a bike, a helmet, a smile, sign a waiver and ride!

These races will cater to all types of riders and racers but especially to:

The CX Newbie-
Your not trying to be the next Adri van der Poel or Sven Nys (who?!?) ... you don't speak freaky-deaky Dutch nor do you have any affection or ties to Flanders ... you prefer pancakes to Belgium Waffles ... a Cowbell is kinda annoying to your ears but you still wanna try out this thing called CYCLOCROSS.
These races are a great opportunity for someone who has never raced or has limited experience in Cyclocross to try it out or get more experience without spending $50 on licenses & registration fees because our races are FREE!!!
Use that $50 on some new bike gear, buy you and your significant other a meal, save it for a rainy day!


The CX Geek - 
Maybe you're REALLY into Cyclocross ... you own a skinsuit (4 in fact!) ... you look forward to the Mastik One headache (i.e.buzz) ... your favorite web browser bookmarks is CX Magazine and your top EBay search is Cyclocross Tubular ... you're trying to prepare for a big event (Cross of the North?  Rocky Mtn. Cyclocross Championships?) ... you got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.  
These races should appeal to you as well ... many with CX race experience will be there to make sure you go anaerobic ... you can get the work done you want to get done in a race setting and did I mention for FREE?!?
Save that $35-$50 you'd spend on entry fees at a BRAC event and come race for free in Cheyenne and Laramie! 

Check back for specific information on the upcoming races, but pencil the dates in on your calendars.